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Infinite design possibilities!

Whether it's mattresses, frames, office chairs or sofas, polyurethane ensures comfort and elegant design!

Advantage of polyurethane foam

From the soft foam, wood to self skinning polyurethane rigid foam, we provide quality products for the furniture industry. The obvious advantage of polyurethane imitation wood and wood can be compared through the mould design and production, especially wood products, has carved lifelike shape, simple molding process, time saving and high efficiency. High strength polyurethane wood products than wood, anti acid, corrosion resistance.


Polyurethane wood imitation application uses mid-high structural rigid polyurethane foam, come with a high density,dense and tough skin. Wood imitation products are with fine foam structure and dense leathery skin, high strength and anti scratch properties. The inner core can be designed in lower density, thereby reducing the weight, but still has high overall strength.


Quality ensurance comes from deep understanding of chemical materials


Typical Performance
Product property Unit Index
Apparent density kg/m³ 200-900
Compressive strength MPa ≥5 
Surface hardness shore D ≥40
Dimensional stability % ≤1.0