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Cold Chain Logistics

Serving up global delicacies!

Reefer container market provides convenience for refrigerated cargos!

Alaska's snow crab, South American shrimp,tropical fruit delicacies

are shipping to me, we serve up the whole logistic route! Constant temperature

and humidity controled electronic equipment shipping together!


Polyurethane is a high performance insulation material renowned for its light weight, high compressive strength and mature industrial production technology. It also has the characteristics of shockproof, electrical insulation, heat resistance, cold resistance, solvent resistance and so on. In reefer container application, polyurethane foam effectively reduces the loss of cold capacity, prolongs the service life of the compressor


Pouring method mainly. Polyurethane is injected into the inner and outer lining plates of the refrigerated truck to form an insulating layer


The system has a good balance of flowability, density distribution and compressive strength.


Typical Performance
Index  polyurethane 
Foam density(kg/m³) 30-50kg/m³
Compressive strength (kPa) ≥0.15 MPa
Closed-cell rate (%)  ≥90%
Thermal conductivity (W/K·m) ≤0.023W/m.K